[Scribus] documentation download for version 1.1.7

Jeremy C. Reed reed
Tue Jul 20 02:43:21 CEST 2004

Are there plans for a documentation download that corresponds to features
in scribus-1.1.7?

I hope to update the documentation provided by pkgsrc.

Also, please include the version in the filename.

The old file (information recorded around Oct. 29, 2003) was:
SHA1 (scribus-i18n-en.tar.gz) = 5882c922c4e4d8df1c96a5f740aaaa56c8e5289d
Size (scribus-i18n-en.tar.gz) = 3126216 bytes

But now it has changed. This breaks automated builds.

I suggest scribus-doc-1.1.7-i18n-en.tar.gz or something like that.

 Jeremy C. Reed

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