[Scribus] Some questions

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Jul 19 10:58:35 CEST 2004

On Mon, 2004-07-19 at 10:51, mrblue at 4net.it wrote:
> I use Scribus 1.1.7 on Mandrake 10 and i have composed a huge file(150
> pages) with template, styles and picture:
> When I convert in PDF I obtain errors on ghostscript and pdf file is
> uncomplete. When I try on Acrobat Reader I obtain the same

How is it incomplete?

> Should I download CVS ? How ? With Cerevisia ?

As long as you keep a backup and the ability to install 1.1.7. CVS will
change the file so it cannot be loaded in 1.1.7 anymore.

> I don't understand how to put in keyboard shortcut the key for page
> numbering

Depending on when your scribus.rc file was created, it will be either
Alt-# or Control-#, or you may have changed it in Keyboard Shortcuts.
Many people change it to something like F7 so it works on their keyboard
layout. Put it on a template and then all your pages will get the
numbering. You will need to insert multiple characters to get the full
page number.

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