[Scribus] Setting linescreen when printing pdf file

Wayne Maeda iw
Sun Jul 18 23:57:27 CEST 2004

On Sunday 18 July 2004 06:15 am, Craig Bradney wrote:

> Yes.. this is true.
> We have added the feature due to its possible use when the destination
> is known, and/or the receiving printing company requests it, and also as
> part of our drive to add more and more professional features to Scribus.
> It is expected that unless you KNOW that you need linescreen settings
> and what settings you need, that you DO NOT add them because it reduces
> portability of PDFs (one of their inherent benefits) and MAY introduce
> issues with printing when linescreen settings are not used or not
> wanted.
> As I've said.. use when you need it, not when you dont or dont know.
> regards
> Craig
> On Sun, 2004-07-18 at 18:00, celio wrote:
> > Hi Scribus People,
> >
> > Photoshop its not intended to import PDF with text, it will turn
> > everything into halftones, and not all PosScript printers do accept a
> > linescreen setting.
> >
> > Regards to ALL ! and cheers to the developers for the cool aplication...
> > Celio Santos
> >
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> > >Subject: Re: [Scribus] Setting linescreen when printing pdf file
> > >
> > >Wayne Maeda wrote:
> > >>On Thursday 08 July 2004 04:29 pm, Rainer Heilke wrote:
> > >>>If it is only a single page, you can try bringing it into PhotoShop
> > >>
> > >>I tried using Photoshop on my Scribus pdf file and the linescreen can
> > >> be set at 75 lpi except that everything gets printed out as if they
> > >> were all halftones. The photographs look good but everything black,
> > >> especially text, is treated as a halftone so instead of dark crisp
> > >> black letters, I get dark splotchy gray letters with dots in it.
> > >>Thanks,
> > >>Wayne
> > >>back to 1.1.7

Is it possible to print out a pdf document (with text and graphics) in Windows 
so that the graphics print out at 75 lpi while the text remains crisp and 
dark black? I was under the assumption that it could be done. Most of the 
newspapers that I deal with request their ads to be in pdf format. They must 
be printing them out at a certain linescreen somehow someway. 

Unfortunately, the printer that I'm dealing with currently, does not take pdf 
files. They want it camera ready. Which means I have to take it to another 
place to have it printed out at the specified linescreen. Except that this 
other place does not have the software that sets the linescreen. End result: 
I have this pdf document with no way to print it out properly. Hmm.

My solution: recreate the entire document in Corel Draw; I know the printer 
has Corel installed on its computer. It's tough doing it this way but I know 
it will work since I've done it before.


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