[Scribus] A possibly-not-quite-scribus question...

tom jakabfy tjakabfy
Thu Jul 15 20:05:11 CEST 2004

Hey Mark:
I'm in the same boat w.r.t. the newsletter and webpages.
I do my 12 page newsletter with Scribus and then print it for 
hard-copies and also make a .pdf file . Then I make one of my html pages 
at my website a link to get the newsletter as a .pdf file. People just 
'click' on the link and the .pdf file is uploaded. Works great and saves 
time, even if I could convert to html. This way it comes out just as 
printed and I include bookmarks for even easier reading.


Mark Dennehy wrote:

>As I said earlier, I'm using scribus to do up a newsletter.
>Now prior to finding scribus I used to do this with LaTeX, 
>so scribus represents a savings in time of about, oh, 
>fifty million percent or so :) 
>However, the one feature that the LaTeX newsletter had which
>I miss quite a lot was that you could run latex2html on the
>source and have a set of webpages in HTML which contained the
>newsletter. Now putting Scribus' PDF file on the website for
>this is certainly doable, and if I downsample the images to
>72dpi it even reduces the size to something reasonably
>acceptable - but what I'd really like is some way to take
>either the scribus file or the PDF and convert it to actual
>HTML to avoid 3.5Mb downloads...
>Anyone got any bright ideas?
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