[Scribus] A possibly-not-quite-scribus question...

Mark Dennehy Mark.Dennehy
Thu Jul 15 18:40:19 CEST 2004

As I said earlier, I'm using scribus to do up a newsletter.
Now prior to finding scribus I used to do this with LaTeX, 
so scribus represents a savings in time of about, oh, 
fifty million percent or so :) 

However, the one feature that the LaTeX newsletter had which
I miss quite a lot was that you could run latex2html on the
source and have a set of webpages in HTML which contained the
newsletter. Now putting Scribus' PDF file on the website for
this is certainly doable, and if I downsample the images to
72dpi it even reduces the size to something reasonably
acceptable - but what I'd really like is some way to take
either the scribus file or the PDF and convert it to actual
HTML to avoid 3.5Mb downloads...

Anyone got any bright ideas?

Mark Dennehy,
Public Relations Officer,
National Target Shooting Association of Ireland
email:	PRO at targetshootingireland.org
  www:  http://www.targetshootingireland.org

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