[Scribus] CVS on Mandrake 10

MaHan ma_han2000
Thu Jul 15 09:48:42 CEST 2004


> > You need to build autoconf and automake from
> source. Download them and do 
> > 
> >   ./configure --prefix=/usr
> > 
> > etc on both of them. That will fix it for you.
> (well it did for me anyway)

hmm, I'm convinced, it's NOT NECESSARY to build
automake and autoconf from source. Both the old and
new versions of autoconf/automake are already included
into Mandrake 10, you can switch between them by
exporting the variable WANT_AUTOCONF_2_5 (please see
my previous mail and look into rpm package description
of Mandrake 10 autoconf/automake packages for further
information). It works for me, I can see no reason,
why it shouldn't work for you.



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