[Scribus] Hi Gang...

Wesley T Allen wezlo
Fri Jul 2 03:14:37 CEST 2004

Every time I use scribus, I love it just a little more.  Of course I use
it for absolutely nothing of every day use to other people; but that's
part of the great flexibility of the software... This is about to

I'm really interested in learning magazine layout and going nuts with
the power of Scribus.  Over the next 6 months + I'm going to be writing
newsletter articles in the form of a story.  When they're all done I'd
like to lay it out in a magazine format, along with other information
about our congregation.  A big plus is that I've just discovered that my
printer can handle 11 x 17 paper!  Whoopie! (posters have, all the
sudden, become SOOO much more fun).

I practiced with the first section today.  I created a document with
facing pages, with pre-created text boxes that have 2 columns.  I
created a template that has the page number as well (thanks to whoever
told me to stop trying to insert a page # in the story editor, that did
the trick).  Then I imported my text, and created a styles to get the
desired feel.  It worked like a charm.  With four straight columns, the
section took up two pages and it printed on 8 1/2 x 11 fine.

Now here's the question...

How would I get these pages to print on the 11 x 17 paper side by side? 
Selecting "two pages per sheet" in the printer options shrinks it
considerably.  Even beyond that, how would I go about creating document
that would print out in the correct order for the magazine fold?  Do I
have to calculate this all by hand?  Or are there some post-script
utilities that would do the conversion?

Thanks for the help gang...


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