[KDE-Darwin] Re: [Scribus] Building Scribus on Qt/Mac--more questions

Benjamin Reed ranger
Fri Jan 30 22:33:12 CET 2004

Kevin Walzer wrote:

> I think I'm going to let someone else pick this up, since I am going in 
> circles and making no real progress. Because practically all of KDE is 
> now running natively on OS X, it seems logical that Scribus could be 
> compiled to do so. The reason I've been trying to get it to go on OS X 
> is a) Scribus runs very slowly under X11--the additional windowing 
> causes a lot of overhead and b) I just generally prefer native programs. 
> But, as I've said before, I haven't gotten far beyond "hello world" in a 
> couple of different languages (C and Python), so I'm hardly the guy to 
> troubleshoot C++/Qt bugs without a *lot* of help.

It's useful to note that the thing that *isn't* working yet in our 
KDE/Mac stuff is kdegraphics, precisely because there's a bunch of stuff 
using X11 structures for manipulating graphics.  Perhaps it would be 
easiest to rip out the pixmap-manipulation stuff and GC stuff from X11 
and put it in a separate library, like they did for t1lib.  Or else some 
kind of GC <-> (QImage|NSImage) conversion.  Until then, there's no 
decent way to do a quick hack-job to port them.

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