[Scribus] Building Scribus on Qt/Mac--more questions

Kevin Walzer kevin
Fri Jan 30 22:26:25 CET 2004

Well, obviously.  Perhaps by commenting out the X11/GC reference, I 
caused some bug that isn't there in the Linux build. But I'm not 
proficient enough with C++ to figure out what it is. I had hoped that 
someone with more knowledge than me could point me in the right 
direction. I guess that's not the case.

I think I'm going to let someone else pick this up, since I am going in 
circles and making no real progress. Because practically all of KDE is 
now running natively on OS X, it seems logical that Scribus could be 
compiled to do so. The reason I've been trying to get it to go on OS X 
is a) Scribus runs very slowly under X11--the additional windowing 
causes a lot of overhead and b) I just generally prefer native 
programs. But, as I've said before, I haven't gotten far beyond "hello 
world" in a couple of different languages (C and Python), so I'm hardly 
the guy to troubleshoot C++/Qt bugs without a *lot* of help.

I know one other person has at least expressed interest in porting 
Scribus to run natively, and perhaps he can make it work. My dead ends 
and blind alleys are documented in the Scribus and KDE-Darwin archives. 
If someone gets it to build, I'll be a supportive beta tester. That's 
all I can contribute, I suppose.


On Jan 30, 2004, at 1:10 AM, Martin Costabel wrote:

> Kevin Walzer wrote:
> []
>> I'm not an expert with C/C++, but my research says that constructors, 
>> indeed, can't be declared virtual. So how does Scribus build on Linux 
>> if this is the case?
> This has nothing to do with Linux vs Mac OSX. You seem to keep 
> forgetting that scribus-1.1.4 as it is builds perfectly well on Mac OS 
> X with qt3-x11.
> -- 
> Martin

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