[Scribus] Translation: Moving from PO to TS file

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Thu Jan 29 21:55:21 CET 2004

Hi Craig,

> > The list is noted, should be fixed in the next CVS or so.
> > 
> If you are using CVS, please update. These should have been done now
> apart from the Initialiazing... Message and the Filetype & Filename
> strings in the File Selector all strings have now a tr() function
> applied, which cannot be.

Here is the current state of my tests with the new built Scribus (CVS
from January 28) and my updated TS file:

> > > 	Initialiazing... (appears on launching Scribus)

No change (and it stays this way, if I got you right).

> > > 	Look in: File name: File type: (in File --> Save as... / Open...
> > > 	windows )

No change.

> > > 	New Script: (in Edit --> Javascripts.. --> Add window)


> > > 	Save Page as SVG... (File --> Export...)


> > > 	Import SVG-Image (File --> Import...)


> > > 	All Messages in File --> Document Info... window  ("Author:"
> > > 	"Title:" "Description:" "Cancel") 

Not done. This seems to be a little different though, since there is an
"DocInfos" context with properly translated items in my TS file, but
they seem to be somehow ignored by the application.

> > > 	Insert Special  (Extras --> Insert Special)


> > > 	New Color: (Edit --> Colors... --> New window)


> > > 	Shade: (Style --> Shade --> Other... window)


> > > 	Help --> Scripter Manual... (this message is translated, but all
> > > 	Polish
> > > and Russian diacritics are replaced by question marks - wrong
> > > encoding taken over from  the scripter plugin?)


However, there is a whole new bunch of English messages after launching
Scribus that have been grayed out as "obsolete" by "lupdate" in my TS
file , although they
surely are needed and their Polish translations exist.  To be exact, the
current number of TS file items is 1393, to compare with 1491 before
"lupdate". They are to many to be listed one by one, but please have a
look at all PDF field type, mouse event, and action type items in 
"Annot" context, and at the following contexts: 
"ButtonIcon","CMSPrefs", "CPalette", "DmF", "EditStyle", "FontPrefs",
"PDF_Opts", "PicStatus", "SearchReplace", "StoryEditor", "TabManager",

Just to be sure: I've been updating my TS file either with:

 /usr/lib/qt3/bin/lupdate *.cpp libabout/*.cpp libpdf/*.cpp libpostscript/*.cpp libprefs/*.cpp plugins/*/*.cpp -ts scribus.pl_PL.ts

or with:

 /usr/lib/qt3/bin/lupdate *.cpp libabout/*.cpp libprefs/*.cpp plugins/*/*.cpp -ts scribus.pl_PL.ts

with always the same results.

I'm sending you my TS file with a separate e-mail.



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