[Scribus] 1.1.4 crashes on suse linux

Rod Furey rod
Mon Jan 26 14:54:20 CET 2004


> hmm - i'll have to have a look around, feels a little like a
> needle-in-a-haystak kind of a search!

What I did was this:

. install the version of Scribus that comes on SuSE 9
   and install the appropriate documentation package for
   Scribus that comes on SuSE 9

     this was done just to ensure that any
     pre-reqs that are needed get added

. uninstall the above two packages

. install the following packages
   qt-devel    python-devel    cups-devel    -libart_lgpl-devel

. do the appropriate configure, make and make install sequence

As for fonts, well I had the basics that the install procedure
gave me (I added the 100dpi fonts later on). But then I also
have ghostscript, LyX, Java, OpenOffice.org and probably
other things installed as well. I don't know the fontconfig
system well enough to say whether these things get cached
as well and... heck, anything I say on this area is pure
speculation on my part so I'll shut-up about it.

Hope this info is helpful.


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