[Scribus] template problem in 1.1.3 / problem compiling 1.1.4

Paul paul
Sat Jan 24 11:20:26 CET 2004


> I'm just starting to use Scribus - when I first heard of it I was
> overjoyed that I would be able to use a GPL DTP app!  And it's come a long
> way in terms of functionality.  Many thanks to the developers.

You're welcome :-)

> I'm using 1.1.3 on RedHat 9 and have two questions:

Grab the 1.1.5cvs from the anoncvs server - it makes the 1.1.3 branch
look s-l-o-w!

> (2) Hoping that a new version might fix the problem, I attempted to
> compile 1.1.4 and got the following error long into the compile:

> Does this mean anything to anyone?

Been fixed for ages - get the 1.1.5 branch :)


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One browser to find them
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