[Scribus] 1.1.4 crashes on suse linux

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Jan 24 03:49:56 CET 2004

ruth moulton wrote:
>  gregory, thanks
> for your message
>>>i can successfully, and happily, run 1.0.1 on my suse linux system (8.2,
>>>kernel 2.4) under kde 3.1.1
>>>however when i try to run  1.1.4 the start up icon appears and then
>>>scribus immediatley gets a segmentation fault and exits
>>You mean you have your system set up to run either version?
> no, i switch between the two using 'make uninstall' and 'make install'

Now, that's interesting. It would seem to be safe to say that there's no 
reason to keep compiling or installing 1.1.4 unless you change 
something, like a newer version of kde or Qt.

>>Were there error messages when you compiled?  I had problems with 1.1.4,
> no, none at all.

What you might do would be to track back from 1.1.4 -- try 1.1.3 or 
1.1.2; at least you would have a better version than 1.0.1; all the 
1.1.x versions are so much better than 1.0.x
I found 1.1.3 to be quite useful while I was trying to figure out the 
problems with 1.1.4

Gregory Pittman

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