[Scribus] Double byte fonts again

Vladimir Zborowski vladimir.zborowski
Sun Jan 18 23:25:12 CET 2004

Hi all,
I still have the same problem displaying chinese characters in Scribus.
Apparently I can import the text properly in UTF-8 (the texts displays 
fine in the story editor), but in the document itself, it's just blank 
squares, as if the matching glyphs were not defined in the font. The 
font (SimHei) seems to work fine though in OpenOffice. I submited a 
feature request for double byte font support, but apprently Scribus 
already supports them. I'm very new to Linux, so it's probable that 
there is something obious that I miss.
If anyone could tell me the points I have to check that would really 
help. I'm using Scribus v1.1.4.

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