[Scribus] re: performance problems

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Jan 20 22:51:10 CET 2004

On Tue, 2004-01-20 at 22:43, James Bowes wrote:
> Hi.
> I had the exact same issues... I installed CVS versions a couple of
> times and bango, hangs and freezing were the normal behaviour. My
> solution was to backup my /usr/local/lib/scribus/profiles dir and then
> delete the /usr/local/lib/scribus dir completely.
> Next I ran an ldconfig -X as root. I then downloaded the 1.1.4 version,
> configured, compiled and installed it. I copied back my profiles dir,
> deleted my ~user/.scribus dir and relaunched the 1.1.4.
> I'm happy to say that I have no problems at all now. Even better, I have
> the benefit a larger group of colours to choose from.
> Everything's much better now. One thing though with the CVS version
> 1.1.5 - I think it was from the 10th or 11th of January - when I opened
> a doc I had created before, the fonts in the story editor kept
> replicating... I couldn't get rid of them at all; they just kept
> growingback like some sort of weird fungus. This was the straw that made
> me
> roll back to the 1.1.4 series.
> Hope this helps.

Thanks,. simple question in reply though, if you got last nights CVS,
how is it now after the above was done before?

That fonts issue is gone now?

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