[Scribus] paragraph style templates / transparentcy and PNG

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sun Jan 18 21:28:17 CET 2004

On Sun, 2004-01-18 at 21:10, Sebastian R?der wrote:
> Hello,
> with Scribus 1.1.5 cvs there are some problems with the paragraph style 
> templates. I have created 6 or 7 templates, but in the list there are at 
> least 20 copies of my templates (copy of ?berschrift, copy of...., copy of 
> copy of...) After deleting, they will soon be back again. In addition to 
> that, the entry in the proprety-tool, where I can choose the templates, is 
> just one entry high, which means unpleasant scrolling (even if i have it in 
> fullscreen - then there is a lot of free space wasted in the upper part of 
> the palete).

Can you please describe the situation of how these are created? Are you
importing document templates over and over again? 

> I'm wondering, whether it`s realy not possible to put some text 
> ( as .png-Graphic created with gimp) over an other .png-picture without those 
> ugly white text-background. I use this way, because I have a special font, 
> which makes problems with pdf if I use it directly as a font in Scribus. I 
> thought the .png-workarount could help, but the bakground is not transparent. 
> The .png is created with RGB-Alpha and transparency works in gimp, but not in 
> scribus. I selected no backgroundcolor and no linecolor, but I have still the 
> background, after loading the .png to the graphic-frame. 

Will check.

> Is it possible, that I can not copy items from I page to another? It works in 
> earlier versions, but now it has no effort. May this be a reason for my 
> copies in the paragraph-templates, that there are only the templates copied?
> Would it not make sense, if the scrapebook saved the x and y position of every 
> items makes it possible the insert items on the same position on an other 
> page via insert-button?

Copy/Cut & Paste is fixed. The next CVS release should have it again.

> Those questions came in to my mind after one hard layout-session for our 
> school-magazin.

Update to the next CVS release when its released, possibly tonight or

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