[Scribus] paragraph style templates / transparentcy and PNG

Sebastian Röder seppelrockt
Sun Jan 18 21:10:23 CET 2004


with Scribus 1.1.5 cvs there are some problems with the paragraph style 
templates. I have created 6 or 7 templates, but in the list there are at 
least 20 copies of my templates (copy of ?berschrift, copy of...., copy of 
copy of...) After deleting, they will soon be back again. In addition to 
that, the entry in the proprety-tool, where I can choose the templates, is 
just one entry high, which means unpleasant scrolling (even if i have it in 
fullscreen - then there is a lot of free space wasted in the upper part of 
the palete).

I'm wondering, whether it`s realy not possible to put some text 
( as .png-Graphic created with gimp) over an other .png-picture without those 
ugly white text-background. I use this way, because I have a special font, 
which makes problems with pdf if I use it directly as a font in Scribus. I 
thought the .png-workarount could help, but the bakground is not transparent. 
The .png is created with RGB-Alpha and transparency works in gimp, but not in 
scribus. I selected no backgroundcolor and no linecolor, but I have still the 
background, after loading the .png to the graphic-frame. 

Is it possible, that I can not copy items from I page to another? It works in 
earlier versions, but now it has no effort. May this be a reason for my 
copies in the paragraph-templates, that there are only the templates copied?
Would it not make sense, if the scrapebook saved the x and y position of every 
items makes it possible the insert items on the same position on an other 
page via insert-button?

Those questions came in to my mind after one hard layout-session for our 

Scribus is great work so far!!!

Sebastian R?der       

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