[Scribus] Printing Problem

Wayne Maeda iw
Fri Jan 16 12:54:15 CET 2004

I'm having problems printing from Scribus 1.1.4. I can see the printer light 
processing the file for a while then it stops and nothing comes out. This 
also happens when I export the file to pdf and print from Acrobat5 (linux) or 
other pdf compatible programs that I have. 

The only way I can print my Scribus file is to boot into Windows and print 
with the windows version of Acrobat (on the same computer with same printer).  
My printer works fine with all other Linux programs.

Is this a postscript processing problem? My Ghostscript version is 7.07 on 
Mandrake 9.2.

Wayne Maeda

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