[Scribus] RE-POST Scribus and recycling ...

James Hatridge James.Hatridge
Fri Jan 16 17:47:52 CET 2004

Hi all...

I've had no luck looking for a better mobo. Now that it's after xmas maybe one 
of you guys have a mobo laying around. 




A few days ago I wrote about not being able to use Scribus because my best 
system is only a PI/233. Well since then I picked up an un-used AMD Athlon 
500mhz CPU. This is a slot A type CPU. My new and inproved problem is that I 
don't have a MoBo for it. 

So I'm trying to find someone with a MoBo that would work with this CPU. If 
you have one laying around the house, how about recycling it? I can't pay you 
for the mobo, but I can put together postage for you. (Or perhaps a copy of 
Linux?) Anyway if someone can help me email me off list.



Jim Hatridge
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   to recycle into a Linux super computer

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