[Scribus] x64 compilation

PFJ paul
Tue Jan 13 11:14:10 CET 2004


> > Just to let you know that with absolutely no changes *whatsoever*,
> > Scribus will compile happily on AMD Optron x64 processors. Boy does it
> > fly as well! 
> And it also builds on AXP Alpha (AFAIR 64 bit) and SPARC (32 bit) (as
> noted in the bugtracker) :)

I do have access to a 128bit machine (ALPHA), but I'm not sure they'd
like me to play on it ;-p

> BTW on AMD64 it's better to pass
> --with-qt-libraries=/usr/lib64 (or wherever the libs are) to ./configure
>  because 64 and 32 bit libraries can coexist there, and we want it to
> link with those 64 bit libs :>

I have the 64 bit stuff set by default.



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