[Scribus] Crash when opening file

Blazej blazej
Tue Jan 13 02:13:36 CET 2004

Hi all,

We have just started to work on our first Scribus project. And we already have 
a problem. Actually, it was my wife who had the problem so I don't know the 
exact details of how this happened. She says she successfully created a 
document (2 pages - a brochure) with a few text boxes and a few images. It 
saved OK, everything seemed fine so far. Then she made some changes to it, 
overwrote the original and started to have weird crashes. When I came from 
work, Scribus would not open any of the two files she has created. A signal 
11 exception was happening.

I restarted the machine - no good. Then I edited the files in a text editor - 
from all ITEXT tags removed the contents of the CH attribute. Now the file 
opens fine but of course the text is gone.

BTW, we're using version 1.1.4.

Any suggestions? We really need this to work ASAP but we're hesitating - what 
if we have the document ready and then suddenly Scribus stops opening it?
Maybe we should go back to the latest stable release?

If anyone is interested, I can send the SLA file (only 18 kB) that crashes 

Help appreciated!


	Michal Blazejczyk

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