[Scribus] More info--Scribus building on OS X

Kevin Walzer kevin
Mon Jan 12 23:12:25 CET 2004

I've made further progress. For some reason, the standard ./configure 
and make commands do not build the files properly on OS X. What has 
worked this far--at least in getting further in the build--is to 
configure the Makefile to conform to OS X's Xcode IDE, and run the 
build from Xcode.  QT provides parameters to do this (qmake -project, 
then qmake -spec macx-pbuilder scribus.pro). This is the only way I am 
able to generate .moc files, although what happens then is that instead 
of creating foo.moc, a file named moc_foo.cpp is generated. Since the 
source files all contain #include foo.cpp statements, that breaks the 
build once it gets to a name that conflicts. I've confirmed this by 
changing a few of the include statements to #include moc_foo.cpp.

Looks like I'll have to go through and change this in every file, 
unless someone can tell me a way to configure QT to generate the 
correct moc file names. I don't know if this will solve every problem, 
but it's a start.

Kevin Walzer, Ph.D.
WordTech Communications -- A New Paradigm of Poetry
mailto:kevin at wordtechweb.com

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