[Scribus] lively debate

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Jan 9 23:29:24 CET 2004

Bob White wrote:
> Thanks for your reply, and I see your point.  I could easily accommodate
> preparing the text in another application if there was a way to cut and
> paste from there into the text boxes in Scribu.  I'm dealing with
> roughly 160 separate boxes, and the only way I see make it work is to
> generate 160 text files. Keeping all that straight is mind-boggling.
> If there is a better way, I would like to learn it. :)
> Bob White

It would seem there could be some kind of cake-and-eat-it-too solution 
to this, such as having each text box link to an external file, and 
retain that link, so that you could save from the text box to an 
external file, or reload from the file to the text box.

That way, you could be simultaneously using emacs or some other editor 
with easier editing and spell checking on the individual files for your 
text boxes. The emacs part of this is already there.

Scribus' part is almost there -- you can do a Get Text to replace what's 
in the box, but there isn't any lasting link to where the text came 
from, and you can't save the contents of a text box to a file.

*That* might make Bob a happy man.

Gregory Pittman

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