[Scribus] InDesign -> Scribus ?

Mardigrafe - Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Wed Jan 7 17:30:27 CET 2004


Your newspaper seems to me clearly within the capabilities of Scribus. You are
going to need at least 2 extra text boxes for your drop caps for which there is
no, yet, automated tool (one to open up the space in your current text and one
to actually put the drop cap in). As for the remaining of the work, nothing
special caught my attention.

Scribus allows to hyphen your text so you will get a better overall typographic
result, especially when text goes around a close-cut image.

Please note that, so far, Scribus can't handle bleed - which is not the case
here (unless you work within a page slightly bigger than your printed work will
be and draw your own crop marks).

The PDFs created with Scribus worked just fine in all my tests. You should be
able to achieve the same without any foreseeable problems!

Please note that I am new to Scribus (but work with QuarkXPress since early
version 1.0 !). Scribus seems to me at least up to Quark 1. I think we are on
the good way!


Louis Desjardins

>I'm responsible for typesetting a newspaper, for which I have been using
>Adobe InDesign 1.5 on MS-Windows. I normally work on a SuSE 9.0 system, so
>at this point working on the newspaper is the only reason I ever reboot to
>I heard about Scribus and was wondering if some experienced users could
>tell me whether it might be suitable to meet my needs. You can visit
>http://www.nothingisreal.com/tmp/ to get an idea of the design complexity
>of the newspaper I work on.  If Scribus can make similar-looking documents
>without too much more hassle than InDesign 1.5, then I'm willing to devote
>the time to learning it.  Comments?

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