[Scribus] another (?) use for Scribus

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Thu Jan 8 06:38:06 CET 2004

On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 19:31, Gregory Pittman wrote:

I saw your earlier post, but did not get time to write a response.


> It was subtle, but I was trying to minimally indicate my disdain for the 
> "cute" transitions that people seem to be compelled to use. I especially 
> don't like list items sliding in from somewhere off the screen -- it's 
> visually annoying and distracts from whatever it is the speaker is 
> trying to say.

PDF defines several different ones like wipes, glitter blinds etc. All
are easily enabled (and) controlled via the PDF exporter. To my mind the
ones in PDF are more tasteful and less distracting.
> One of the reasons I was trying HTML is for the linking to give the 
> possiblity of either planned or opportunistic side-trips from the main 
> talk -- say you're giving your presentation and you know at a certain 
> slide, someone is likely to ask a question that takes you off your 
> planned sequence. A carefully placed clickable object could take you on 
> that side trip, then back to your main sequence later. You should be 
> able to do that with hypertext in PDFs too. One of these days I'll 
> figure out how to do them in Scribus.

I have done exactly that within PDF from Scribus. I used it in a demo of
the PDF presentation capabilities of Scribus.  This past September I
gave a presentation to a group of mostly MS web developers for a local
computer association. My talk was "PDF and the Web"

I used Scribus 1.1.3 cvs and open source tools exclusily to produce this
presentation. In the first part I outlined when PDF is better for
communicating a message and examples of good integration with web sites,
as well as tools. The second part was an outline of why Linux is an
excellent web development program.

The jaw dropper was the second to last page - a full sized logo of with:

"100% created with  Scribus"  and a nice sharp logo. They did not know
they were seeing a PDF - they thought it was power point ;)

I put it on-line, but its a 4 mb download.

I'm doing a second one like this for tomorrow and will load it on
scribus.net soon.

Look in the documentation section on scribus.net for Javascripting PDF.
I wrote a short tutorial( in PDF from Scribus) to get you going on how
to do this. I am no expert with javascript, but you can do many things
with just one or two lines of code. The essential thing is to have the
PDF references. Everything is pretty well documented and it has lots of

I honestly think you will be pleased with the on-screen quality and then
the ability to ramp up the DPI. From that same PDF I generated a 1200
DPI poster sized logo of Scribus in full color - looked gorgeous.
Because I used SVG artwork there is zero pixellization or jaggies.

poke in to irc #scribus on irc.freenode or here for hints if you get


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