[Scribus] another (?) use for Scribus

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Jan 8 01:31:43 CET 2004

Wesley T Allen wrote:
> I've never used PDF for presentations, though I know that they can
> handle them.  Can you do screen builds, like adding one element at a
> time?
> Wes

Since I've just started this, my sense is that you would do it the 
"old-fashioned" way: duplicate the slide, add an element, duplicate the 
new slide, add...and so on.

It was subtle, but I was trying to minimally indicate my disdain for the 
"cute" transitions that people seem to be compelled to use. I especially 
don't like list items sliding in from somewhere off the screen -- it's 
visually annoying and distracts from whatever it is the speaker is 
trying to say.

One of the reasons I was trying HTML is for the linking to give the 
possiblity of either planned or opportunistic side-trips from the main 
talk -- say you're giving your presentation and you know at a certain 
slide, someone is likely to ask a question that takes you off your 
planned sequence. A carefully placed clickable object could take you on 
that side trip, then back to your main sequence later. You should be 
able to do that with hypertext in PDFs too. One of these days I'll 
figure out how to do them in Scribus.

Gregory Pittman

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