[Scribus] feature request

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Jan 6 16:38:32 CET 2004

Hi Sebastian

> Hello and happy new year to all scribus users!
> At first I have to say that Scribus works and looks great in 1.1.4 and 
> above..., exspecialy with KDE 3.2beta2.
> And here is my question: Would it be possible to mark chained textboxes? At 
> the moment, it`s hard to "unchain" allready chainded boxes. I do it like 
> this: selecting the last textbox, pushing the unchain button, selecting the 
> previous textbox.... and so on...
> But it often doesn`t work at first or second try and the result is that I 
> didn`t know, whether boxes are still chained or not. 
> In my opinion, it would be useful to show whether boxes are chained/unchained 
> by trhe help of a special border or maybe an icon...

I know what you mean. This is on the to-do list already.

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