[Scribus] Scribus review on Low End Mac

John Kershaw john
Tue Dec 28 15:12:36 CET 2004

At 11:25 pm +1030 28/12/04, David Purton wrote:
>  > I understand but maybe some day Scribus will be so popular that
>>  commercial firm will wrote closed, not-free plugin. And some users will
>>  prefer to pay money for plugin to Scribus than $BIGSUM for whole
>>  system like Quark or InDesign.
>Hey - you can always see if Pantone would like to contribute to an open
>source project... you know, it's for a good cause sort of thing...
>You can tell Pantone about "...applications critical to your success in
>which the ability to use PANTONE Colors would be helpful." at this web
>page:  ;)
>Say, 3 apps can be listed, I can dump in The GIMP and Inkscape as well...

There's every reason for Pantone to create (commercial) plugins for 
Scribus. If it gains a reasonable market share, it's a revenue 
source. It's free for them to download and play around with, so makes 
sense to make them aware of it.

Good shout David :)

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