[Scribus] CMYK colour patch

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Dec 28 08:22:53 CET 2004

Hi David

> Remember my rantings on CMYK colour in Scribus? ;)

Yes :)

> I had a look at the source, and for solid colours at least (haven't look
> into images yet), it turns out to be not that hard to patch Scribus, so
> that I can work in CMYK.
> If you're interested in what I've done, you can get the patch from here:
>         http://marshwiggle.net/scribus/
> If you have a look let me know of any problems you find or suggestions
> you might have.
> BTW, the changes are major enough, that I wouldn't expect the Scribus
> developers to apply this officially, but it might prove a useful base
> for changes down the track.

I havent had a chance to apply here locally or read the code yet but you 
mention quite a few caveats on the site that I have read. Do you have plans 
to work on these areas to fix them up? 

Its probably a bit late now to get into 1.2.1, but if things were working 100%  
in your patch (given you think they arent in 1.2.x) we could apply them to a 
1.2.2 that we *might* release in a while or our 1.3.0.

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