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Guest007 trash4
Mon Dec 27 11:04:47 CET 2004

Hello 2 All

I'm still don't understand some things about SVG import:
1) Why I need to close all my windows for import new artwork?
2) Why some big atrworks after import take place more, than canvas? (for 
example openclipart-0.08/buildings/carnegie_library_building_01.svg)
3) Why Proportional scaling (by mouse with Ctrl-holded) don't work on imported 
atrworks, and work on self-drawing (on the same document)?
4) Why I can't import extremely easy artworks (example in attach, taken from 
galeries section of inkscape's site)? 

Thank you for your work
WBR Guest007
JID: guest007 at jabber.ru
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