[Scribus] english at last?

bart at solozone.com bart
Wed Dec 22 21:19:17 CET 2004

Gregory Pittman is right. English may be the current lingua franca but that may not last. The New York 'Times' reported lately that folks in Southeast Asia especially, Indonesia and Singapore, are learning Mandarin Chinese so they can send their children to school in China. It seems the current security mania is keeping students and research workers out of the USA so they are turning to the new power house for their education.
France and Germany are also said to be benefitting (as are Canada --including Quebec!-- Australia, the U K and N Z). This will all have enormous effect on the current US dominance in research and its ability to set an example in scholarship and idea and practices -- including computer practices.
China has its own internet we hear and may soon go into outer space. They are said to want a permanent base on the moon. At current rates of growth, China will equal the USA in 2040 which is NOT a long time as time is counted by serious historians.
Bart Alberti

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