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Morten Langlo mlanglo
Tue Dec 21 19:35:03 CET 2004

l?r, 18 dec, 2004, 18:49:50 +0100, skrev Craig Bradney:
> On Saturday 18 December 2004 18:28, Morten Langlo wrote:
> > Hello Craig and Co,
> >
> > I'm just about ready with the translation,
> > but the following text string makes trouble:
> >
> >  "Scribus Python interface module
> >    This module is the Python interface for Scribus. It provides functions
> >    to control scribus and to manipulate objects on the canvas. Each
> >    function is documented individually below. .... etc"
> >
> > When I do a "lupdate Scribus.pro" to get the latest few strings from
> > the sources merged with my latest translation the string mentioned above
> > is marked as obsolete, and a new instance of it is inserted marked
> > unfinished. But the grayed out entrance, which should be seen in
> > linguist, is not seen there even though it is in the ts-file.
> >
> > So I wander if there are some characters in that text,
> > that lupdate and linguist do not like, I use qt 3.3.3?
> >
> > If I run "lupdate -noobsolete" the string is of course removed as it
> > should and again a new unfinished is inserted.
> >
> > Well what to, how to get that string remain finished? - help needed!!
> Using KBabel this doesnt happen, however, I think the issue is that that 
> string contains tabs and by the looks of things Qt Linguist cant handle tabs. 
> I think the problem is the formatting of the code in the C++ file, rather 
> than an intended use of tabs in the string. If you dont have KBabel, please 
> send the translation file and the translation for that string in a utf8 
> encoded text file, eg as written by Kate, and I will put that in with KBabel.

Hello Craig - again

I have just uploaded the Danish translation 
  to http://bugs.scribus.net

And I have also been looking a little bit more into what is happening
with this string, and found that lupdate for shure does not like tabs 
as the only thing on a line.

When a message with some lines with only 


is translated, the message source and translation get the same treatment 
by lupdate i.e these two lonely tabs are put on the next line, which then
starts indented and you loose the empty line. and then the translation is
marked as obsolete, and a new instance of the string is inserted.

I tried to put a "." just before \n\ on these empty lines 
and then lupdate functions as expected. A space instead of 
a period is not enough.

Sincerely Yours


Morten Langlo
8550 Ryomg?rd

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