[Scribus] scribus crashes due to signal #11

Riku Leino tsoots
Tue Dec 21 06:47:21 CET 2004

Ciro A. Soto wrote:
> One more thing, I lost my previous installation of
> scribus. What should I change in the makefile to
> get a different executable (somthing like scribus_cvs)
> instead of the same 'scribus' which made me lose the

Running ./configure --help in Scribus root dir will give you all the 
possible configuration options. It lists:

Program names:
   --program-prefix=PREFIX   prepend PREFIX to installed program names
   --program-suffix=SUFFIX   append SUFFIX to installed program names
                             run sed PROGRAM on installed program names

For a separate installation you may want to use a differnet --prefix 
with the second install to avoid plugin (etc.) clashes too.

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