[Scribus] scribus crashes due to signal #11

Ciro A. Soto cirosoto
Tue Dec 21 05:57:24 CET 2004

I installed 1.2.1cvs today (dec 22)
and got the signal 11 crash.
I opened a one-page file with three pictures
in it.
I edited the text with the pad and started finishing
the letter. I had my keyboard switched to spanish via
the OS (Linux, fedora core 3). I typed several lines
and click on the "update" button, and I notice it only
updated up to the character that was BEFORE the first
accented letter. Then when I closed the pad, I got the


One more thing, I lost my previous installation of
scribus. What should I change in the makefile to
get a different executable (somthing like scribus_cvs)
instead of the same 'scribus' which made me lose the

Ciro A. Soto
"All problems are at the interface. Each one of them has a solution."

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