[Scribus] Incorrect rendering of Devanagari text.

Craig Bradney cbradney
Thu Dec 16 23:06:58 CET 2004

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On Thursday 16 December 2004 22:45, Cloak Dagger wrote:
> Some people wish to collaborate on an Indic system for
> Scribus.
> And someone made the mistake of mentioning that I was
> working on it ;)
> Unfortunately, I cannot reveal myself or work openly,
> even though thats what
> the Scribus (and other free projects) mandates, for a
> single reason which I cannot reveal :)
> Other than that ...
> The process of Indicizing Scribus is quite involved
> although requiring changes only to a single method of
> one class: the text subsystem of Scribus will change
> significantly. I strongly doubt that this work can be
> shared usefully: too many things are tightly coupled,
> and this can soon turn into chaos.
> The text subsystem is mostly implemented in the
> PageItem::drawItem method. What happens here is that,
> the text (stored as Pti's which are already style
> segmented runs), are laid out according to several
> constraints.
> Most of the new code, will be a translation of the
> drawItem case 4: into the new system (of handling
> glyphs not characters). The script shaper is exactly
> the Qt shaper: so, you find out if Qt has implemented
> a perfect system for Devanagari, and it will also be
> available in Scribus. If it is not perfect, please
> mention it and it will be worked out. (I am using Qt
> 3.2.3 for this, but there are no changes between 3.2.3
> and 3.3 ... iirc) (2 out of three tasks are completed,
> which is around 40% of the work done ;)
> So, as you can see, it cannot be shared usefully,
> since the work is concentrated in a single place (CVS
> was not designed for this ;)
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