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Cloak Dagger spyvsspy8080
Thu Dec 16 22:45:17 CET 2004

Some people wish to collaborate on an Indic system for
And someone made the mistake of mentioning that I was
working on it ;)

Unfortunately, I cannot reveal myself or work openly,
even though thats what
the Scribus (and other free projects) mandates, for a
single reason which I cannot reveal :)

Other than that ...

The process of Indicizing Scribus is quite involved
although requiring changes only to a single method of
one class: the text subsystem of Scribus will change
significantly. I strongly doubt that this work can be
shared usefully: too many things are tightly coupled,
and this can soon turn into chaos.

The text subsystem is mostly implemented in the
PageItem::drawItem method. What happens here is that,
the text (stored as Pti's which are already style
segmented runs), are laid out according to several

Most of the new code, will be a translation of the
drawItem case 4: into the new system (of handling
glyphs not characters). The script shaper is exactly
the Qt shaper: so, you find out if Qt has implemented
a perfect system for Devanagari, and it will also be
available in Scribus. If it is not perfect, please
mention it and it will be worked out. (I am using Qt
3.2.3 for this, but there are no changes between 3.2.3
and 3.3 ... iirc) (2 out of three tasks are completed,
which is around 40% of the work done ;)

So, as you can see, it cannot be shared usefully,
since the work is concentrated in a single place (CVS
was not designed for this ;)

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