[Scribus] Incorrect rendering of Devanagari text.

Owen rcook
Thu Dec 16 08:39:25 CET 2004

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 04:49:01 +0530
Ravikant <ravikant at sarai.net> wrote:

> Dear Craig Bradney
> Let us forget cloaks and daggers. However, please try and understand 

Down by the Ganges, ten million  eyes do scan,
For the chappie known as the "Cloak and dagger" man.

They have conquered kde and even gnome!
Now it time to give Scribus a home.

The C plus plus men are all having fits,
Desperate to put a Virama into the scripts

No more cloaks, no more daggers, You Sir Craig
Give the Indic men the great big font bag.

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