[Scribus] Problems with Scribus-Generated .pdf files/Text extracted from Scribus Pdf Documents

Plinnell scribusdocs
Wed Dec 15 09:32:46 CET 2004

On Wednesday 15 December 2004 09:10, Dr. Walter Obermiller wrote:
> Dear developers,
> in an effort to use scribus to print color flyers we came about
> two problems with Scribus-generated .pdf files:
> firstly, when the pdf-file is inspected with Acrobat-Reader
> Professional (Version 6.02 Windows), Acrobat seems to be unable to
> display the fontnames for text in the pdf-file (which it shows when
> pdf-files generated with other programs are inspected).
> secondly, when you try to select text from a .pdf file, the text is
> utterly garbled and words are split randomly. I surmise that tiny
> spaces may be used for microspacing/kerning within words, which at the
> same time makes the text select tool pretty much useless in
> conjunction with Scribus-generated  pdf's.
> Any thought on why this is so, and whether there are plans to fix this
> would be appreciated.
> Scribus is great, however when you have to hand files to other
> printing people that happen to use Acrobat to inspect incoming files,
> especially the first problem leads to a cascade of requests and hence
> problems.
> If somebody is willing/able to tackle this, I'd be happy to test.
> Sincerely,
> 	-walt obermiller


I use the same Acro Pro and Enfocus Pit Stop, along with the preflight tool 
built in licensed which is licensed from callas software to test Scribus 
PDF's for commercial print readiness. I've never seen this issue, as I am 
careful to fully embed fonts in almost all cases. 

If the fonts are selected to be fully embedded in PDF export, you can sure the 
names will display properly in Acro Pro 5+ and other pro-DTP applications. 

Mind you PDF is meant to be a final format, not to be edited, except for minor 
touch-ups and should only be done by someone well versed in PDF, IMO.

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