[Scribus] Printing Oddness

Graham Monk gdmonk
Tue Dec 14 20:05:12 CET 2004

Ok, I'm probably going to make an idiot of myself
here because I've missed something stupid but
here goes.

I am trying to construct some catalogue pages in 
color which is my first color project. The background
is a large square shape in blue, then on top are
various pictures with no color selected in styles so
that the pictures of the product appear against the
blue background and not within a white boxout as
would otherwise be the case. Looks great! PDF looks
great, when I print the picture boxes are visible as
a slightly darker blue and where one of the picture
boxes are overlapping the image doesn't appear at
all! The darker blue box is visible but nothing in it.

I am using Scribus 1.2 as supplied by SUSE 9.2
and printing on an Epson color 600 Stylus.
I read one of other questions earlier on print
problem and noted the point about PS2 vs PS3,
oddly enough when printing from the Adobe PDF
viewer the setting is "language level 3" level 2
doesn't work, when printing direct from scribus
ps3 doesn't work at all. ps2 produces a blank blue

Can anyone help my poor stupid brain over this?


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