[Scribus] Fedora Core 3 and Scribus

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Dec 13 04:03:02 CET 2004

For those of you having varying degrees of consternation compiling 
Scribus with their distros, I just compiled Scribus without any trouble 
with FC3 -- I know Paul has been using FC3 since its test versions.
So far, Fedora has been pretty good at keeping the various parts that 
Scribus needs up to date. If it's an initial install, you will want to 
custom choose components to get all the required rpms for Scribus (such 
as qt-devel).

Without a doubt you would want to scan fedora-list to make sure there 
aren't any showstoppers for your hardware.
You can avoid a common FC3 headache by installing it with the option 
'ide=nodma' if you run into mediacheck problems; not only does this bug 
(it's apparently a 2.6 kernel bug) cause a mediacheck failure for some 
of the disks, it can also cause the install to crash in the middle.

Greg Pittman

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