[Scribus] CMYK: Last post on this topic - I promise ;)

fredd effediwhy
Wed Dec 8 16:41:41 CET 2004

On Wed, 08 Dec 2004 22:42:24 +0800, Craig Ringer
<craig at postnewspapers.com.au> wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-12-08 at 22:02, David Purton wrote:
> > After this one, I'll drop my CMYK in Scribus posts. Everyone is probably
> > sick of me for sure by now.
All this makes me remind that I also found some problems with scribus
color management some time ago.
I found a web page (http://www.uwsp.edu/publications/logo.html) which
presents a logo in different formats : jpg, CYMK tiff, eps which are
very useful to see the differences.
Taking one color logo from there, it should look 'purple' as seen on web page.
Both the EPS and CYMK tiff look blue when displayed with Gimp and Imagemagick.
When importing them into scribus without color management, they also
both look blue.
If Color management is turned on, then the EPS file looks fine, ie
purple, but the CYMK tiff is still blue (whatever source profile
chosen in properties box).

I'm definitively not a color management expert, so I do not understand
what's wrong with these files and scribus (and also gimp and
imagemagick), but one would expect the files to display purple and not
Using tifficc from lcms-utils and tiff2pdf from libtiff-utils I was
able to convert this file respectively in a RGB-Tiff and Pdf which
display nice (ie purple) whatever the application.

Using tiffinfo from tiff-utils package, I see there is an ICC profile
embedded in the tif file :
ICC Profile: <present>, 11792 bytes
but I cannot get any information about the embedded profile.
When importing the tiff file in scribus with CM on, the properties box
allow to select a source profile, depending on the profiles installed
on the local disk. May be i'm wrong but I would expect, as a complete
color management newbie, to be able to select 'colour profile embedded
in tiff file'; maybe scribus does not take care of the embedded
profile ?


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