[Scribus] (perhaps a bug?) one eps file exported from scribus could not insert into oowriter

Plinnell scribusdocs
Wed Dec 8 12:05:13 CET 2004

On Wednesday 08 December 2004 12:05, Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> David Purton wrote:
> >Interesting. I confirmed that it does print ok to distiller from oo.org.
> >I had trouble producing a pdf from gs7, but gs8.14 seemed to handle it
> >ok. Maybe the file is using some PS level 3 features that your printer
> >can't handle (I would have thought this unlikely though)
> Very disappointing. I tried to export it (with ps level3 background) as
> PDF from oowriter, which resulted an PDF file views exactly the same pdf
> as the page on GUI.
> >You could also try exporting to a pdf from scribus and then convert that
> >to an eps using ghostscript - you could at least force it to ps level 2
> >this way. Scribus pdf export seems lets you control things much better
> >than it's eps.
> Okay, nice idea.

I tried it, the backgrounds get removed.
> >300 dpi I would have thought would be fine - what will you print it to?
> No. I won't print it. Because it is going to be an invoice, I will email
> the file to my customer who would likely to print it out and keep the
> invoice.
> Do you think I should file a bug for this problem?

Honestly, the only way I think this is going to work is to export to some 
bitmap graphic format, which will cause some rasterizing  and possibly 
increasing the file size quite a bit.

I can see the value and idea in creating a nice OO template for invoices. I 
have one for my own proposals. The OO PDF exporter works very well for its 
intended purpose. The PDF is pretty reliable.

I think the thing to understand is a DTP app is really about final print 
oriented output. Yes, you can do a number of different types of exports, but 
those are for perhaps  repurposing for another use (like web graphics) and it 
won't be suitable for all uses yet. Or also for exporting parts of a layout. 

Had I known the intended purpose, I would have started in OO and then tried to 
work around some of its DTP limitations.


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