[Scribus] (perhaps a bug?) one eps file exported from scribus could not insert into oowriter

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu
Wed Dec 8 12:05:03 CET 2004

David Purton wrote:

>Interesting. I confirmed that it does print ok to distiller from oo.org.
>I had trouble producing a pdf from gs7, but gs8.14 seemed to handle it
>ok. Maybe the file is using some PS level 3 features that your printer
>can't handle (I would have thought this unlikely though)
Very disappointing. I tried to export it (with ps level3 background) as 
PDF from oowriter, which resulted an PDF file views exactly the same pdf 
as the page on GUI.

>You could also try exporting to a pdf from scribus and then convert that
>to an eps using ghostscript - you could at least force it to ps level 2
>this way. Scribus pdf export seems lets you control things much better 
>than it's eps.
Okay, nice idea.

>300 dpi I would have thought would be fine - what will you print it to?
No. I won't print it. Because it is going to be an invoice, I will email 
the file to my customer who would likely to print it out and keep the 

Do you think I should file a bug for this problem?

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