[Scribus] inkscape (O.T.) gtk 2.4

Paraplegic Racehorse paraplegic_racehorse
Mon Dec 6 11:56:35 CET 2004

Craig Bradney wrote:

>On Sunday 05 December 2004 22:35, Paraplegic Racehorse wrote:
>> I'm waiting for Gentoo 2005.0 to be
>>released and I'll switch to that. Portage has been very good to me on
>>the business machine.
>Why wait? 2004.3 is just out...
Kernel 2.6 as default. I don't want to muck about with it until it 
enters 'stable' status. Besides, I need time to get my backups done 
(need to get some more blank CDs...) and maybe throw some more of that 
spendy (and speedy) Rambus at the motherboard since I'm beginning to 
feel constrained in 256MB. 768MB sounds much more appealing, especially 
if I have to compile absolutely everything. A spare hard drive to put 
swap, /tmp and /home onto would also be a good thing. Even debating a 
CPU upgrade to 3+ GHz (from 1.4) but that's not likely, mostly due to 
the fact that the ram upgrade alone will enable me to choke the system 
bus. I do wish I had a slot for additional L2 or L3, though.

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