[Scribus] inkscape 0.40 Whoops!

bart at solozone.com bart
Sun Dec 5 18:27:48 CET 2004

THe static package said I needed gtk2-2.4 or more so I got that follwoing PLinnel's advice. It went in OK. Then all sorts of error messages on trying inkscape. NO MORE GNOME APPS at all!
THis happened before when upgrading to 9.1 and SuSe had a fix even last week! for YOU-upgrade which trashes maybe gconf2.
Anyway it is TOO MUCH, too many dependencies, unless I do a complete gnome upgrade for which I do not have the band width.
I deleted most of my gnome apps (100+)(no more MOZILLA or FIREFOX)
and reinstalled from disk gtk2-2.2. I am writing this now in FIREFOX again. rpm is a wonder, a touch of the button and the lost apps come back!
It has only been two hours of a nice morning when the predicted rain storm failed to materialize. great weather bureau!
Bart ALberti

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