[Scribus] Re: Re: Fonts look bad at first with PDF plugin in browser

Alexander Skwar listen
Wed Dec 1 10:18:51 CET 2004

Craig Bradney wrote:

> On Wednesday 01 December 2004 08:30, Alexander Skwar wrote:
>> Craig Bradney wrote:
>> > On Tuesday 30 November 2004 16:41, Alexander Skwar wrote:
>> >> Hi!
>> >>
>> >> I created a PDF form with Scribus 1.2. When I view this form in a
>> >> browser (IE or Firefox, doesn't matter - both on XP), the text first
>> >> looks horrible:
>> >> http://www.uploadimages.net/show.php?img=818040_Scribus_PDF_Bad_Fonts.pn
>> >>g
>> >>
>> >> After some time, the text however looks quite good - it seems like
>> >> it has loaded the embedded fonts or something.
>> >> http://www.uploadimages.net/show.php?img=855342_Scribus_PDF_Good_Fonts.p
>> >>ng
>> >
>> > Maybe thats what its doing. It looks fine here. The fonts are embedded.
>> > Look in Document Properties in Acrobat Reader.
>> Well, yes, but why does it *only* happen with this Scribus PDF form? I
>> have *never* seen this behaviour before.
>> Hm, did you open the PDF with Acrobat 5.0 or 6.0? The behaviour
>> is present in 6.0 as well, but not as visible. In 5.0, it is very much
>> visible. And not only on my machine :)
> Acro 5 on Linux loading in Konqueror.

Okay. Please use Acrobat 5.0 on Windows. And don't load it in the 
Acrobat Reader program but only in the plugin.

> I guess you could convert the fonts to  
> outline (use subset all option on export). Then they will all just be vectors 
> and you wont need the fonts to load.

Will try that, thanks!

>> >> Can I somehow improve that, so that the text is rendered directly
>> >> with the correct font?
>> >
>> > If its is loading over the net, perhaps a faster connection? :)
>> Not possible. Nothing's faster than localhost :) And if 100 MBit/s
>> isn't good enough, well.... (No, the 100MBit/s don't have anything
>> to do with localhost.)
> Ok, I thought you had done a test over the net too.

Yep, I did. However, I also tested localhost, and since it misbehaves
the same there...

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