[Scribus] Scribus installation problems on Mac OS

Martin Costabel costabel
Thu Aug 26 12:10:50 CEST 2004

Sunil Joshi wrote:

> Martin:
> In installing scribus 1.2, I ran into following problem...
>> checking for QT... configure: error: Qt (>=Qt 3.0.2) (library qt-mt) 
>> not found.
> I reinstalled Qt3 but to no avail.  Help would be appreciated.

Are you doing this by yourself or does this happen with the Fink 
package? In the first case, some variant of what Craig suggested should 
work (I can give more details if you wish); if it is the Fink package, 
it should really not happen and I would like to see the complete output 
of "fink install scribus".


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