[Scribus] Re: Scribus Nachrichtensammlung, Band 18, Eintrag 35

el Sismógrafo , S.L. sismi
Thu Aug 26 09:39:36 CEST 2004

Dont worry, no professional (pre)printer will shout at you as the state of the 
art at the moment doesn't make it possible to get round Mac or Windows. 
Scribus is a first glimpse at the end of the tunnel but as long as there is 
no wide-spread cmyk support (the only image manipulation tool that comes with 
decent support is photopaint but that uses wine which is running windows on 
top of linux...) you will always need some other platform for part of your 

Concerning imposition, I started a discussion on that on the list some time 
ago and afaik there is somethin planned for future releases. At the moment 
there is pysnake, an Acrobat plugin which uses python and which can be used 
for _some_ imposition tasks. If you need crop marks, registration marks and a 
calibration bar you will have to do old style manual imposition which could 
be don the following way:

1. export your pages to pdf.
2. set up a document with page size as the sheet (ask your printer, could be 
37x52, 52x70 63x88 65x90 or 90x100, all in cm)
3. put rulers horizontally and vertically and put image boxes where the pages 
have to go.
4. Take a piece of paper, fold it and number it according to the process which 
is used for postprinting in order to get the right signature.
 (ask your printer)
5. import the pages as pdf into the boxes.
6. put crop marks, registration marks and the calibration bar on. (ask your 
printer for the bar as only he knows the color sequence he uses)
7. export the pages as pdf.

I havent actually tried that with scribus but it's common practice with other 
programs like Quark or indesign and should work.

El Jueves, 26 de Agosto de 2004 08:19, scribus-request at nashi.altmuehlnet.de 
> Hi all!
> New to the list, I'm currently running indesign under windows xp (boo!
> Hiss! I hear you shout!), but I am planning on migrating over to Linux over
> the next couple of weeks and a DTP program is essential for my work - I
> produce a bi-monthly extreme sports publication. I understand that Scribus
> will output PDF files, which is great. However when I send PDF files to the
> printers, they require the PDF file to be imposed, which I'm sure everyone
> is familiar with. How is this done, if at all, in Scribus? If not within
> Scribus, what alternatives are there?
> Thanks!

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