[Scribus] imposing

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Aug 26 02:13:13 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-08-26 at 03:03, Welly wrote:
> Hi all!
> New to the list, I'm currently running indesign under windows xp (boo! Hiss!
> I hear you shout!)

Nope. I reserve the booing and hissing for Microsoft *ahem*Publisher
(though QuarkXPress deserves a lot of it, too. EPS output, anybody?).

> However when I send PDF files to the
> printers, they require the PDF file to be imposed, which I'm sure everyone
> is familiar with.

There has been talk of an imposition plugin for Scribus at various
stages, but I don't know if anybody has worked on something like that so

I tend to agree with Louis Desjardins, however, that it's the job of
prepress/printers to perform imposition. I've never had to deal with it
(thankfully - work uses QuarkXPress 4.0) as our printers take care of
that side.

Craig Ringer

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