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In the past, I've provided the printer with an imposed PDF document, I use a
program called Imposer Pro which is a plugin for InDesign by Alap. This
produces the imposed PDF file from my original InDesign file. I'm unsure if
the printer has the facility to impose our pdf or indesign files as it's not
something we've had to ask them to do before. I should ask them if they can
do the imposing, if not, I'll have to try something else! I'm trying to go
as much Linux and open source as possible.



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Welly a ?crit :

> Hi all!
> New to the list, I'm currently running indesign under windows xp (boo!
> I hear you shout!), but I am planning on migrating over to Linux over the
> next couple of weeks and a DTP program is essential for my work - I
> a bi-monthly extreme sports publication. I understand that Scribus will
> output PDF files, which is great. However when I send PDF files to the
> printers, they require the PDF file to be imposed, which I'm sure everyone
> is familiar with. How is this done, if at all, in Scribus? If not within
> Scribus, what alternatives are there?

Do you mean when you give your printer InDesign native files he can 
impose them? and not impose PDFs?
By your website I see your magazine has a fair amount of pages : over 50 
pages... Of course anything (or most anything) can be done the hard way 
? somehow manually ? but printers normally rely on dedicated software to 
impose. (It is clearly a prepress task.) This software, unless being 
pretty much outdated, usually has the capabilities to impose PDFs... 
Maybe you can ask your printer again, or someone else at your printer?s 

 From what I know of Scribus, imposition is not yet available.

We use Dynagram?s Dynastrip. But you?ll find this kind of software comes 
at a steep price.

Sorry not to have a better answer. Someone else might take the relay!

> Thanks!
> Welly
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